Sunday, 17 February 2008

Regiment de Villar Burquin

The men of the Regiment de Villar Burquin have mountain blood running through their viens, they all come from and around the steep hilled village of Villar Burquin. Many years they have climbed up and down the villages vinyards. They could probably march for days without rest.

The standard is a white horse upon a red background. The uniform is Prussian blue with white facings and brown stockings (yellow for officers). The tricorns are lined in grey (yellow for the drummer). The drummer wears a yellow coat, yellow stockings and blue facings. His drum is red with white ropes.

The battalion only carries one colour.

[15mm Essex figures from their Malburian range. The standard bear is converted from a Staff Sergeant (Essex) by adding a Dixon's flag to it. Click on the image to enlarge.]

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