Sunday, 17 February 2008

Patrick de St-Suplice

The latest reformations were the brain-child of Patrick de St-Suplice. He claimed the reason of his pushing for these changes was provide stable work for the local youth, but we knew it was because he had money, he liked money and wanted to make himself some more money.

His idea was simple. He would train up troops and offer them as mercenaries to the highest bidder. Crops were poor, income low and few jobs for the young so his timing was perfect. He had thousands of young dissolutioned men who wanted adventure and he had the money to train them into highly tuned fighting machines.
I don't trust him, I don't even like him but if I play my cards right I can get everything that I always wanted.
[15mm Figure by Essex, from their ECW range. Click on the photo to enlarge]

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