Sunday, 17 February 2008

Regiment de Giez

The men of The Regiment de Giez were drawn from good strong famer stock from the region North West of Lac de Neuchatel.

The standard: The crest of Giez, surmounted by a golden crown on a white background. The whole on top of the red and white stripes of Bourmont.
The uniform: Prussian blue with yellow facings, grey stockings. The hat has a grey lining. The drummer wears grey coat and blue facings, he carries a red drum with white rope.
The battalion only carries one colour.
Size: 20 figures - which is about 1/3rd the forecase size of foot battalions.
[15mm Essex figures from the Marlburian range. The officer is from Dixons Malburian range. The standard bear is converted from a Staff Sergeant (Essex) by adding a Dixon's flag to it. Click on the photo to enlarge]

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