Sunday, 17 February 2008

Field exercise

After months of training the recruits go on their first field exercise.

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abdul666 said...


You were so discrete about your 'tricorn' project... What a pleasant surprise!

P.S.:2 armies?

abdul666 said...

thus we have here your Malburians.

Will your C.I.E. blog keep the properly SYW stuff -those Prussians you received in January, e.g.- and will they stay'historical' or turn to C.I.E. own units by the SYW?

I probably suggested it before, but your '1711' Bosnians and even Wallachians would make good 'Frei Korps' auxilliaries attached to your Malburian / SYW armies, Pandours - 'Croats' fashion.

Best wishes,

11kilo said...


The "Grandson" blog (named after a lovely castle in Switzerland that hosts a military museum) will be focused on my imaginations 7yw project. I was painting Malburians so I thought why not start with them (they will become Landwehr in time).

My CIE blog will be my general wargame blog for all figures and periods.

My 7yw Prussians and Austrians will be painted up for my Grandson project and (although loosely based on Prussia and Austria) they will be fantasy countries. And yes, I will have two armies!

Note taken about the 1711 project, in fact they might come into play in the Grandson project in their own right (as the enemy on the edge of the kingdom!).

Thanks for your continued interest mon ami,