Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Regiment de Munster

The Regiment de Munster is a Irish Regiment in Swiss service. They wear a Bavarian style uniform but in dark grey with red facings and grey stockings. The drummer wears reverse coat and facings and red stockings.
15mm Dixon's figures (click on images to enlarge).

Regiment de Spilberg

The Regiment de Spilberg has the usual Bavarian blue coats with red facings. The grenadiers have reverse coats and facings but do not have a mitre, they simply have a tricorn. Stockings are grey and the tricorn is lined in white.
15mm Dixons figures, infantry at the ready.

Regiment de Lutzebe

Another regiment of foot passes out on parade. The Lutzebe Regiment has the standard Bavarian blue coat with red facings. In most regiments the drummer has opposite coat and facings to the rest of the regiment but not in this case - his coats is blue and he has white facings. Another peculiarity of this regiment is that they have a white and black cockade on the tricorn (which is not lined).
15mm figures by Dixon. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Leib Regiment

The third battalion to take to the field this week is the Leib Regiment (Life Guards). Pictured here is the Grenadier firing (note the sling and fur mitre). The uniform is Bavarian blue, with blue facings and grey stockings. This battalion has the distinction of having red ammunition boxes. The drummer wears the opposite to the rest of the line.

15mm figures by Dixons, Grenadier firing fur mitre.

Regiment de Maffei

The Maffei Regiment have a blue coat (based on the Prussian uniform) with buff facings, grey stockings and black unlined caps.

The top figure pictured is a Grenadier (note the sling on the rifle so that they can throw grenades). The ratio of Grenadiers to Muskets is about 1:20 in these regiments. The drummers wear the opposite to the infantry.

Often in battle the Grenadiers were brought together to form a composite battalion.

Senior NCOs of this regiment wore a Green coat. Pictured here is the Colour Sergeant (Standard Bearer).

15mm Dixon figures Grenadier advancing. Click on image to enlarge.

Kur Prince Regiment

The Kur Prince Regiment takes to the field after receiving new uniforms. The coats are "Bavarian blue" with blue facings, grey stockings and silver lining on the tricorn. The drummers (not pictured) wear the opposite to the infantry.

Figures are 15mm Dixon figures (from left to right: Officer, Standard Bearer and Musketeer). Click on photo to enlarge.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Field exercise

After months of training the recruits go on their first field exercise.

[Click on the image to enlarge]